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We are pleased toinform you that Pavlovic International Bank ad Slobomir - Bijeljina successfully ended another business year that will be remembered for the economic crisis of global proportions. We established and maintain our position in the banking sector of the Republic of Srpska, and a new 2014. year started stronger and better prepared to meet the expectations of all involved entities and provide even more worth for each individual, society and the local communities in which we operate.

The Bank has oneof the largest branch network in the Republic of Srpska, which allows our customers quick and easy access to financial products and services. This fact is confirmed by over 110,000 customers who have given us their trust.

In 2014., we will continue with further development , completely aware of the fact that our growth is based on strengthening the satisfaction of our clients. Our efforts in future will be based on understanding demands of our clients as well as offering those kind of solutions that will exceed their expectations.

We havethe capacity to be even more powerful generator of economic development and financial support for all good projects in our country, at the same time strongly having in mind the safety of our depositors.

Our main goal is to maintain the stability and business sustainability, financing credit activities from our own capacity using the highest quality banking practices , with continuous investment in innovation and effective cost management.

In addition to the development of high-quality banking products, we continue to invest in the development and education of our employees, aware of the fact that the strength of one institution relies in a team of people that is composed.

We will maintain a commitment to community development, focusing on projects in the arts and sports, protection of natural beauty and raising environmental awareness and all the other projects to improve the quality of life in our country.

Optimistic about the future, our vision is to be better in all respects regarding the benefit of our customers, shareholders, business partners and local communities.

We firmly believe in achieving of our goals.

On behalf ofthe Management Board and all employees, we would like to thank all our customers and business partners for the given trust.


General Manager



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