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Internal Payments


Pavlovic International Bank performs internal payment system in accordance with the license issued by the Banking Agency of the Republic of Srpska 09.10.2000. year. The Bank is involved in the bank clearing system of the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina and its customers with fast and affordable service payments in over 30 offices throughout Pavlovic International Bank of the Republic of Srpska.

Pavlovic International Bank offers: 

•  free open all types of accounts for retail and corporate
•  receive and execution of payment orders
•  inspection and condition and traffic account
•  receive and pay cash at the box office
•  fast and efficient payment of checks
  possibility to use electronic banking
•  electronic reports on the status and changes on the account (via e-mail or mobile phone)
•  other services related to payment and reporting

Pavlovic International Bank carried out your orders: 

•  internal orders to 16:00 pm
•  inter-bank accounts to 10,000 KM received by 14:00 pm
•  orders over 10,000 KM via SWIFT to 16:00 pm

Documentation required to open transaction accounts for corporate:

The Bank will give you the following documents:

•   the request to open transaction accounts
•   agreement on the use of transaction accounts
•   specimen signature
•   authorization
•   statement of legal entity the owner
•   questionnaire   

Bank customer is obliged to submit the following documents:

•   decision on the establishment of company
•   SIN (single identification number)
•   OP form
•   summary
•   copy of ID card
•   financial report



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