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International Payments

General information

Pavlovic International Bank allows you to quickly and easily send or receive money from abroad through our correspondent banks around the world.

Your money will be quick, secure and easy to get to your destination abroad. It is necessary to fill out the appropriate form of any business unit of our Bank. All payments are realized on the same day.

Data required for sending funds abroad

• Name of recipient
• Mandatory IBAN for EU countries, for other account number
• Name of the recipient's bank assets
• SWIFT code recipient's bank assets

Data required for receiving funds from abroad

To: Name of end user resources
Recipient's account number: The number of foreign currency account in the final recipient Pavlovic International Bank
Bank of recipient: Pavlovic International Bank ad Slobomir-Bijeljina (SWIFT code: PAVLBA22)

Correspondent bank
(see list of correspondent banks)



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