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Loans for SMEs from the EIB

This credit line is being implemented as part of Project financing of small and medium enterprises from the European Investment Bank loan.

The objectives of the project
Improving access to finance for SMEs, entrepreneurs and public sector authorities in the field of infrastructure and end-users of any size or ownership, in the knowledge economy, energy, environment, industry, health, education, services and tourism.

Expected Benefits
Increased liquidity, income, turnover, exports and employment in end-user loans.

Legal entities established in the Serbian and entrepreneurs residing in the Republic of Serbian:

                • independent SMEs, which before investing with less than 250 employees with full-time equivalent     ("SME Projects");
                • The public sector in infrastructure and end-users of any size or ownership in the knowledge economy,  energy, environment, industry, health, education, services and tourism ("Infrastructure Projects")

Investments and expenditures that are eligible for funding include:

              • Purchase of tangible assets, except land. Financing the purchase of land is excluded, unless it is absolutely necessary for the technical investment. In such cases, the investment cost less to purchase land and other inappropriate expenses, should always exceed the amount of funding from the EIB. Financing the purchase of agricultural land is totally excluded;
             • Investment in intangible assets: the development, planning and financing costs during the construction phase, research and development costs (fees, development costs, gross salaries directly related to research and innovation activities of the components).

Only for SME projects, investments and expenses that may be considered for funding include:

1. First Investment in intangible assets, namely:

             • building a distribution network in domestic markets or other markets within the EU (the acquisition of assets and / or trademark protection, operational costs and labor costs);
             • changes in generation or transmission companies related to personnel matters, allowing the continuation of the economic activities of the undertaking concerned. The scope of funding is limited to those cases where both the buyer and the vendor who sold - SMEs, where the loan amount does not exceed EUR 1 million. Buying a business, as such, is not eligible for financing from the EIB.

2. Second Continuous increase in working capital needed to expand the business.

Total project funded must not be less than € 40,000 or greater than 25,000,000 EUR, whereas the amount funded by the EIB may not exceed 12.500.000 EUR. Loans are granted in convertible marks, indexed. Currency accounts for all loans is EUR at the official Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Repayment period
Minimum of 2 years. The maximum repayment period for SME projects is 12 years for infrastructure projects and 15 years.
Grace period: Up to 2 years.
Own contribution: Projects for SMEs 20% and 50% of infrastructure projects.
Interest rates (Valid up to 31.03.2012. Year.)
SME projects:
â–º basic interest rate: 5.625%
â–º for projects in the territory of undeveloped and extremely undeveloped municipalities: 5.125%

Infrastructure Projects:
â–º basic interest rate: 5.55%
â–º for projects in the territory of undeveloped and extremely undeveloped municipalities: 5.05%
The fee for processing the loan - 0.8% of the approved loan amount (up to 100,000 KM according to the approved credit).



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