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More about bank guarantees

-        guarantee for participation in the tender

-        Customs guarantee

-        guarantee good performance

-        guarantee for a refund in advance

-        reconciliation in order to guarantee the obligation to pay


The amount of guarantees:

  • Depending on the client's credit solvency 

Limit the validity of guarantees:

  • Short-term to 12 months 
  • Long-term over 12 months

Users warranty:   

  • Legal entities and entrepreneurs registered with the competent authorities to carry out activities

Required documentation:

  • Request for credit
  • Documentation of registration with the competent authorities
    • Excerpt from the court registry
    • Unique identification number (UID)
    • Statistical number
    • Cardboard deposited signature
    • Common solution
    • tax identification number (TIN)
    • form authorized signatories (OP form)
  • Financial documentation
    • Balance Sheet and success for the last billing period
    • Projection of cash flow
    • Confirmation on the status of transactions with other banks

Instruments to ensure:

  • Paper (the company and the owner or director)
  • Blank signed orders for the transfer of funds
  • Creditworthy guarantees
  • Mortgage on immovable property
  • Pledge on movable property
  • Application deposit

Bank guarantee



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